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IVR is the need for this advanced technological world. IVR (Interactive Voice Response system) is an important component for any business today. An IVR is a device that can help you to decrease your costs and increase customer satisfaction in your small or large business. But there is a need for every business to select the best IVR Service Providers in India for SMEs that meets the exclusive and significant needs of your Online /offline business. Alobha Technologies is the one best IVR Service provider in Noida, INDIA.

Quick Response Call system

Virtual Phone/IVR Number is a trending technology to support the business communication scale quicker and track better. A professional image of a business is created when you are using IVR services for your business. You have the full right to discover a powerful and convenient way to connect with your customers and prospects without infrastructure worries. There are lots of IVR services providers in the market but you have to find out the right one for your business who gives complete features and benefits of IVR services.


Get familiar with IVR Features

IVR Services provides a package of various advanced features for their valuable customers. Here are some of the features: -

Welcome Message

An automated Welcome Message is run when you immediately connect to the IVR. This will greet the customer first and then ask them for the next step.

Call Tracking

A lot of features are provided by IVR. It creates a simple and free of cost channel for customers to access you. Track your overall calls with a cloud-based telephone system. Avail our Virtual Number Service today!

Connect to the right client faster

By the option, you can manage delay times proficiently by giving caller’s a choice from multi-tiered menus to connect to suitable clients or queues.

Easy CRM integration

Get easy to use an IVR system and better communication with IVR that can convert text into speech. CRM is easily integrated with any of the IVR Numbers.

Toll-free number

A complete toll-free number is provided with these services. So, customers can directly reach you without any call charges.

Low-cost Services

All IVR services are available at cheap rates which are easy to buy. They support a lot of features embedded in it.

Real-Time Reporting

You can track all live time calls and check the status of daily calls with IVR Services. Interactive Voice Response is designed as per customer needs.

Never Miss Any Call

If you are using IVR services you will never miss a call from any of your potential customers. You can get a notification through emails for every missed call.

Music on Hold

Waiting music will activate while your call is on hold or the customer executive will be busy on another call.

Easy to set holiday and hours

This feature allows you to set any default voice message on holidays or non-working hours of business. You can set it once and they apply on calendar holidays.


Automated Inbound & Outbound Communication

There is a need for communication in every team to run your business smoothly without gaps. We at Alobha, understand your business communication needs. Our developer will integrate IVR Services in business as per your requirements. IVR will track the complete engagements and leads, support your CRM, and give you various latest features. IVR Services will diminish your cost per call by letting customers choose the type of assistance they want regarding their query, such as self-service or speaking to a special executive, also reducing waiting time and routing calls to the right manager.

Take IVR Services from Alobha Technologies

Alobha Technologies is the finest IVR Services provider in Noida. Get an easy to use and best IVR services for your communication purpose. The toll-free number, welcome note services from IVR number providers can be complemented with music and other feedback options. Communication plays a key role in any business. Without healthy communication, you cannot grow your business easily. IVR System is diversified into various parts by which a concerned customer easily gets their query solution. Customers can directly get their query solution via computer-oriented voice notes. Pre-recorded music is played when a customer calls and this music is available in all languages. During high call Responses, it diverts to the right concern person. Our IVR services also provide high values for all qualifying customers.

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