CMS Development Services in Noida, India

CMS Development Services in Noida, India

CMS Web Development

Our best CMS Development services enable you to drive your online business in a way that is organised and deliberate. We will design and development a CMS Website that will satisfy the administration requirements of your business.

We provide the best Services over the CMS We offer You:

Our CMS Web Design and development Services in Noida, India:

In its simplest form, a Content Management System will give you the ability to either add or remove content from your website. A more advanced CMS solution will allow you to alter both the style and structural components of your website. At Alobha we offer three types of CMS Website design and development:

  • Standard CMS Development: Simple CMS application allows the administrator to add a block of content to the website through the use of a “What You See Is What You Get” interface.
  • Complex CMS Development: The complex CMS contains all the functionalities of the simple CMS but with improved functionality, speeding up the user’s experience. This CMS offers an advanced preview and edit option, whereby you can alter and test your existing webpage in complete privacy.
  • Open Source CMS Development: Open source or off-the-shelf CMS’s development can reduce the need for costly site maintenance, empowering users to manage their own content.
  • Custom CMS Development: We have designed and developed a custom CMS for the everyday user. Using proven technology backed by Microsoft, we have created an administration interface, giving users complete control over their website and administration process.Contact us for more information on the different benefits of our individual CMS design and development services or any of our other web development services.

Drupal Development

“Drupal is an open source content management System(CMS) and has,at present, the largest and most active community of more than 1 million users.” Drupal is an open source platform. That means it’s freely licensed in return for the sharing of new developments and improvements.Drupal’s rich, global community of developers and dedicated enthusiasts make continual contributions to its development, ensuring it stays reliable and innovative. This openness has only added to its appeal and popularity.

Why Alobha Technology Use Drupal.

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WordPress Development

We are one of the best leading WordPress development company, which offers complete custom WordPress website development and WordPress website design services to various clients all over the world. We are experts in crafting responsive WordPress themes.

WordPress Services we offer:

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Magento Development

Web Development is one of the fastest growing domains in IT industry. Magento is an Ecommerce solution this makes it as close to being an industry standard as is possible.

It is a powerful, flexible platform which can be used as a base to build engaging, usable, stable e-commerce experiences. Magento’s search engine optimization, catalogue management, and powerful marketing functions give us the tools to create a site that provides an unrivalled shopping experience for your customers. We have highly skilled and expert backend and frontend developers, working on complex web integrations on Community Edition and Enterprise Edition as well as developing complete, scalable and secure Magento websites.

Magento Community and Enterprise Experts

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Os-Commerce Development

Since Alobha Technology is an affordable website development firm, we provide optimized website development with many web solutions including osCommerce. Our ecommerce clients are having significant gains with all the add-ons available to increase sales by using this Open Source Commerce (osCommerce). We have avoided the pitfalls of unnecessary functionalities, which would need extreme complex implementation.Our clients depend on us to provide them with providing them with all the necessary features they wish to incorporate. With Apache and PHP, this powerful software integrates every necessary tool needed for operating online stores and enables us to meet all the requirements of clients.

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Prestashop Development

Our in-house team of Prestashop experts, serves you everything from setting up your e-commerce to promote your business.
We at Alobha Technology, feel proud to offer you with our Prestashop development services for your modern day business. We have a team of experienced Prestashop development professionals, who take care of your business needs. Our experts conduct a survey of the industry you operate, take a note of current trends taking place in the market and finally come up with a solution sufficing your requirements.

Here is a brief outline of how we work:

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Our bootstrap solutions are an answer to all your web troubles. Bootstrap is essentially an open source framework that has been developed by Twitter. It is based on JavaScript and combined with HTML and CSS. This makes the entire process of developing interface components easier.

Why bootstrap

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Open Cart

OpenCart is a powerful open source shopping cart system that is designed to be feature rich and user friendly at an affordable cost with a wide range of OpenCart features.

We Offer rich shopping experiences to our customers with our OpenCart customization servicesOpenCart is one of the better open source shopping cart platforms available on the market and Creative Alobha Technology knows how to make good use of it for client benefit.

Our OpenCart shopping carts are SEO Friendly and integrated with a whole range of features like opinions and ratings, endless groups and products, computer invoices, several payment gateways, shipping options and more.

We aim to make your shopping cart an online sales generation machine with our OpenCart solutions. We understand this fact with a plomb and focus our energies on creating just such a solution for our clients.

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